Kahuna Beach Party

kahunaAre you ready to make your next event the talk of the season? Do you want to deliver quality entertainment and fun to your guests and do it in style?  What could be better than a GOOD

Kahuna Beach Party is a musical celebration, a light-hearted tribute to the Beach Boys and the fun optimistic feeling of the early 1960’s. A time of relaxing days spent at the beach, surf boards, fast cars and the promise of perpetual youth and beauty. Although so much has changed since then, this fast paced interactive show lets us relive that feeling for a couple of hours. Kahuna Beach Party isn't just a band, it's an event!  With a mix of music, comedy and audience participation, Kahuna Beach Party is the party band for you.

Do you love the music of the Beach Boys? What about car songs like Little Deuce Coupe and I Get Around? We got ’em! The Fun, Fun, Fun includes activities like hula hooping, conga lines, surfboard riding contests and more. But don't stop there...send your guests home singing Surfin' USA, Good Vibrations and Little Surfer Girl.

Kahuna Beach Party has quickly become a favorite act of state and county fairs, city celebrations, festivals and corporate events. Be a part of the entertainment phenomenon that's sweeping the country, loved by young and old alike and presented in a family friendly format guaranteed to excite and thrill your audience.

You Bring The People – We Bring The Party...The Kahuna Beach Party!

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More about the Kahuna Islanders:

Once upon a time, on an island FAR, FAR away, a bunch of rag tag musicians found each other...

While attempting to survive, knowing that they would most likely never be found, Cap'n Bill brought out his stack of 8 track beach band tapes for entertainment.  The music was good, and it was something to do; so they divided up the parts and started practicing. After a time, they knew they had something special and if they were ever to be 'found', this was what they had to do!

Before they could be 'discovered' they had to name the band. Something that would describe:

• Where they were stranded - KAHUNA!
• Where they lived - on the BEACH!
• What they liked to do - PARTY!

Everyone is invited to the KAHUNA BEACH PARTY!

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