Services Include
  • Offer Submission and Negotiation
  • Artist Contract & Rider Negotiation
  • Artist Advances
  • Coordinating Sound & Lighting Production
  • Public Relations Requests
Onsite Services
Includes Supervision & Coordination of the following:
  • Stage Management
  • Artist Settlement
  • Production Load-in
  • Artist Load-in
  • Hospitality/Catering Needs
  • Artist Merchandise Sales
  • Emcee
  • Show Security
  • Artist Meet & Greet
  • Stage Strike & Load-out

Our Services

Entertainers have a professional team of managers, agents, record labels, and PR companies working on their behalf. Doesn't it make sense to have an experienced talent buyer/event producer on your team?

Winterset Concert Events represents fairs, festivals, city celebrations, clubs, theaters and special events as their exclusive talent buyer. Annually we book over 100 shows in 15 states with a Winterset representative on site for the majority of them.

Our strengths are our longstanding relationships with artists and their representatives, our multi-date buying power, routing capability, and our knowledge about current concert trends.

We want to be the entertainment specialists on your team.

Fairs and Festivals

We are very active in the fair and festival industry with members of our staff serving on the board of directors of three state and regional fair associations.

We have also been awarded "Associate of the Year" from the:

Corporate/Headline Services

Entertainment can be effectively used as a theme for a conference program, to open or close an event, liven up breaks, highlight a keynote speaker, call attention to a product or enhance a gala reception.

Our knowledge of the headline music industry enables us to book almost any touring celebrity. You benefit from our experience, multi date buying power, industry connections and knowledge of current trends.

Company Gala & Award Banquets

Steeped in tradition, most of these programs have become less than entertaining, lengthy, and predictable for the majority of the audience. Working with our talent buyers you can involve an entertainer that can make a difference between a successful company event and a disappointing one.

Concert Series

Working with the performers is one of the most important elements of literally hundreds of details that go into creating a successful experience.

We are confident that our knowledge, industry relationships and research will provide you the reliable information you need in regard to available artists, their performance parameters, booking fees, production and rider requirements, and contract negotiations.

We will work with you on your budget to help you determine whether you will focus on hiring a national headliner or seasoned regional entertainers.

We are members of a lot of associations